Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's Your thing?

After talking to some amazing women last night I started thinking about the 'thing' that has kept me going with my weight loss journey.

For you to truly be successful with your weight loss journey you need to find your 'thing' that keeps you going.

For some people it is running. When you get out there and run the rest of your world floats away and its you, the pavement and sometimes your music.
I've done the C25K running program, and while I did it, I really enjoyed it. I found that if I was outside I was more likely to enjoy myself, so I didn't go crazy staring at a wall while I was running (unless I changed my music playlist EVERY time, and even then I was often 'clock watching'). Unfortunately, my body doesn't like me running. I injured my foot 2 years ago and haven't been able to run the same since. (Trust me, I tried, and ended up hurting my foot again). One day I could get back to it, but at the moment, its not my 'thing'.

For some people its cardio. Be it aerobics at the gym, or any number of the cardio equipment. These people like to go fast and hard.
I am defiantly not this type of person. I've done Zumba and enjoyed it, but I cannot handle being in a aerobics class or going full ball on the cardio equipment until 50% of my body's water supply is flooding the floor around me. I love the x-trainer and the rowing machine and even the bike, in moderation. But not to the point of physical exhaustion. It just not my 'thing'.

For some people its Water-based activities. The pool is great for people with injuries who still want to have an amazing workout, but are concerned about their backs, knees, ankles etc. There are lots of different activities you can do in a pool that will improve your fitness level and help you lose weight.
I enjoy going into the pool (especially when I'm at TBLR), but I don't think it is something that I could say I could do everyday. I know for my mum that this is her 'thing' and I'm sooo happy that she has found it.

For some people its Weight lifting style activities. Lifting weights be it lots of reps or a small amount of reps until your muscles are exhausted, weight lifting generally keeps your heart rate down, but burns fat over a longer period of time.
This is definitely my 'thing'. I LOVE going to x-fit multiple times a week. I really enjoy going to body pump. And even though I often feel like i'm going to puke at the end of it, I really love being there. I've started a weekly routine where I'm doing. Sun: Body Pump, Mon: x-fit, Tue: Body Pump, Thurs: Body Pump, Fri: x-fit, and I love every minute of it. Even thought my weight loss on the scales is slowly going down, i feel fitter, leaner and stronger doing this type of activity. This is definitely my 'thing'

I've just covered 4 different types of training, there are plenty more out there as well. The point of my post is. Find your 'thing'. It is what can make your weight loss journey a success! You want to enjoy the physical activity that you are doing - if you don't, it will be easier to make excuses and fall off the rails.
(FYI: your 'thing' could change as you change. So make sure you are always trying new stuff to challenge yourself.)

Now ask yourself.
What's my 'Thing'?

-- Jackie

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