Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's Your thing?

After talking to some amazing women last night I started thinking about the 'thing' that has kept me going with my weight loss journey.

For you to truly be successful with your weight loss journey you need to find your 'thing' that keeps you going.

For some people it is running. When you get out there and run the rest of your world floats away and its you, the pavement and sometimes your music.
I've done the C25K running program, and while I did it, I really enjoyed it. I found that if I was outside I was more likely to enjoy myself, so I didn't go crazy staring at a wall while I was running (unless I changed my music playlist EVERY time, and even then I was often 'clock watching'). Unfortunately, my body doesn't like me running. I injured my foot 2 years ago and haven't been able to run the same since. (Trust me, I tried, and ended up hurting my foot again). One day I could get back to it, but at the moment, its not my 'thing'.

For some people its cardio. Be it aerobics at the gym, or any number of the cardio equipment. These people like to go fast and hard.
I am defiantly not this type of person. I've done Zumba and enjoyed it, but I cannot handle being in a aerobics class or going full ball on the cardio equipment until 50% of my body's water supply is flooding the floor around me. I love the x-trainer and the rowing machine and even the bike, in moderation. But not to the point of physical exhaustion. It just not my 'thing'.

For some people its Water-based activities. The pool is great for people with injuries who still want to have an amazing workout, but are concerned about their backs, knees, ankles etc. There are lots of different activities you can do in a pool that will improve your fitness level and help you lose weight.
I enjoy going into the pool (especially when I'm at TBLR), but I don't think it is something that I could say I could do everyday. I know for my mum that this is her 'thing' and I'm sooo happy that she has found it.

For some people its Weight lifting style activities. Lifting weights be it lots of reps or a small amount of reps until your muscles are exhausted, weight lifting generally keeps your heart rate down, but burns fat over a longer period of time.
This is definitely my 'thing'. I LOVE going to x-fit multiple times a week. I really enjoy going to body pump. And even though I often feel like i'm going to puke at the end of it, I really love being there. I've started a weekly routine where I'm doing. Sun: Body Pump, Mon: x-fit, Tue: Body Pump, Thurs: Body Pump, Fri: x-fit, and I love every minute of it. Even thought my weight loss on the scales is slowly going down, i feel fitter, leaner and stronger doing this type of activity. This is definitely my 'thing'

I've just covered 4 different types of training, there are plenty more out there as well. The point of my post is. Find your 'thing'. It is what can make your weight loss journey a success! You want to enjoy the physical activity that you are doing - if you don't, it will be easier to make excuses and fall off the rails.
(FYI: your 'thing' could change as you change. So make sure you are always trying new stuff to challenge yourself.)

Now ask yourself.
What's my 'Thing'?

-- Jackie

Friday, October 11, 2013


If someone told me in May I would have lost 16kg in 5 months I would tell them that they were crazy!

Below there is a photo of me at the end of April           and then a photo of me just one week ago.
I know the photos aren't the same size, but you get the idea.

and here is one that is a close-up of my face

This is all thanks to a combination of the 12wbt and staying 3 weeks at The Biggest Loser Retreat (once in July and once in September)

I know I have a long way to go, but its great to reflect on what I've achieved.


The Biggest Loser Retreat DEAL

I've had a few people ask me how much it costs to stay at The Biggest Loser Retreat, and a few people wish they could stay but they are concerned about the cost.

(for those interested in the cost here is the website )

I've just seen this on

The Retreat has just put up
- 10x 1 Week's accommodation for one person and
- 5x 1 week's accommodation for two people

The bonus is, that you can use the voucher anytime between now and the 30th June next year.

Hope it helps those who really need it!

Single Stay:
Twin Stay:

-- Jackie

Monday, October 7, 2013

TBLR #2 Week 2


Another awesome day at the retreat. 
This morning I went on 2 green walks, had x-fit style training with Mick in his sand pit and played water polo. All up I burnt 1056cal in those 3 activities. 
I'm already at 15,800 steps and its only 2 o'clock.

Sugar levels are good today, lets hope I can keep them good for the week!
I'm gonna rest for the rest of the day cause my foot is hurting.

For dinner we had a yummy salmon dish with sweet potato salad. Yum! (photo below)


Another great day at TBLR. Started the day with a bush walk (see photo below)
Then we did the Chalet Shuffle, followed by TBL triathlon. We rod, jogged/walked and swam for 10mins for each of the three activities. 
The afternoon I just took it easy cause my foot was throbbing (even on super strong pain killers).
Tomorrow I'm getting a massage (yay)


I woke up really tired!
This morning they had a deep water running class in place of the bush walk (for those who wanted to do it). It was a great way to start the day. And GOSH it tires you out!
We had breakfast and then I went up to the room for a nap (I was exhausted) when I woke up I felt heaps better!! 
I had another workout with Mick, this time in The Hanger (I love The Hanger!!) The workout was intense!!!!
Fist pump moment! My heart rate monitor couldnt read my heart rate because I've lost 2 much weight under my bust so Breanna had to tighten it up for. Yay!

I was really really buggered after Mick's workout!
We then did 30mins of boxing (yay!) I was partnered up with Bree, we had lots of fun, and again I was really tired afterward.
After Lunch mum, Jenny and I went for a walk in the bush  to see how mums knee went. She did good, but she was limping afterward.
I then came back to the room, did a stretch and then had a massage. It was amazing!
No calorie count today since I didnt have my heart rate monitor on for deep water running, and it didnt work for the first 1/3 of Mick's workout.
10881 steps so far (again low due to the pool instead of a bush walk)
Only 2 training days left!


This morning we did training with Seref, it was really good. 
Photos Below: Seref and I (Left) and Mick and I (Right)

We made our own lunch and had a group challenge. We had a map and needed to go to all these different places all over the retreat and do certain activities. While we were walking around the retreat we needed to carry a bucket and a tyre. It was a tough task, but we did it and actually won! 
My foot is really sore after it though!

Photos below: Us and the beautiful Vicki and us with Andrew (Manager)


I did a walk with Nancy this morning, we did 3x Green walks together. (Below: Emma & I (Left) and Nancy and I (Right))
When it came to training, I decided to go with the group who had injuries since my foot was really sore from yesterday's activity. And that was a HUGE MISTAKE. The workout that I was given made my foot worse, and I ended up having a sugar low. 
I had a massage in the afternoon and after dinner I went to another guests room with Vicki for a facial. It was GREAT! An awesome way to spend Friday night after a not-so-good morning.


Weigh In Day!
Mum and I knew how stressful weigh-in day is for Vicki so we decided to wear skeleton onesies to make her smile. When she saw us we said 'look how much weight we've lost'. She couldn't stop laughing.

I left the retreat 5cm lighter than I did when I arrived but I lost quite a few cm
9cm from under my bust
10cm from my waist
4cm from my upper belly
12cm from lower belly
11cm from butt/top of thigh
and 3cm from my arm
My clothes are looser, I'm fitter, and I feel great. Make sure you don't just rely on the number on the scale. MEASURE YOURSELF, it makes a HUGE difference!

I spent the afternoon packing my bags to get ready for my flight home.

I ended up getting home at 11:30 Saturday night.

It was an amazing 2 weeks! Seriously, if you want to lose weight, if you want to be fitter. Come to the retreat. If you can afford it it is soooo much better to come for 2 weeks rather than 1. You won't regret it!

I'll be going back the second week Jan.

TBLR #2. Days 4-7

Day 4:

Today has been my absolute FAVOURITE day at TBLR. I started the day with a walk by myself in the bush to calm my mind and soul before another big day!
We had two of my most favourite activities for our morning fitness, boxing and rowing (we also did a mini spin class, which I also enjoyed). I was also super proud of my mum getting into a Rower by herself and being able to get on a spin bike for the first time. 

I've burnt around 750 cal in the designated workouts. Step count will follow soon!

I learnt a cool thing today, when you sigh when you are eating, it means your tummy is full, the sigh is your body trying to expand your tummy. Good to know! So when you sigh, stop eating!

Day 5: 

Thursday Started with another lovely walk in the bush. 

Then we had our talk with Andrea. We then needed to make our own lunch to take on a picnic. 

While I was waiting for my turn to make my lunch, one of the other guests ran to me and said 'your mum just fell down the hill, I don't want to alarm you, but I thought you would wanna know'. I threw off my drink bottle and began running toward the hill. I then saw mum in one of the golf carts. She needed both myself and Emma to help her into the dining room so she could sit down. 
I ended up making mum's lunch for her, and helped her as much as I could, and then I went off to do my morning activities. 

We walked up to the top of the grounds and were broken into two groups. One group started with Vicki to do a 'mystery' activity in the bush, and the other started at Andrea to do a 'mystery activity that spells F-U-N'. (then we swapped). I started with Vicki, and we walked into the bush. We needed to do a hill interval activity, where we walked/ran up a hill, took our heart rate (either manually or with our heart rate monitor) and then walked down the hill, around the bottom and started again. We did this for 20mins. A good, but hard workout. We then walked out of the bush to meet Andrea. We played a game that was a combination of Netball and Frisbee (I can't remember what she called it). It was lots of fun. Unfortunately my team lost. 

We then were joined by the other group for a BIG group 'water activity', but not in the pool. There was a range of activities that all pretty much involved sponges and a bucket of water, and pretty much all of them had the hidden aim to get us as wet as possible. (which was good, cause it was a REALLY HOT day).

We then had a picnic lunch on the top oval. Which was lovely.

I had to rush down my lunch as I was asked to participate in the ad that the Retreat was filming. We need to pretend we were playing water polo. It was lots of fun. We did about 7 takes. Looking forward to see what they get out of it.

After the filming, I returned to my room to get dry and to get ready for my massage, I was told that after I have my massage, I needed to take mum to the doctors. I had a good shoulder and neck massage. It was GREAT! I felt like I was on a cloud afterward. 

I drove mum to the doctor, we were told that we needed to go back tomorrow for an X-ray and a scan. 

Dinner was good, mum was soooo funny on her meds. She was totally off her face!

We were excited to come out of the dining room to be greeted by a snake. (3rd snake we have seen in 3 days). Vicki drove mum up to our room and I helped mum to the room and then we went to bed.

Day 6:

I decided that I would do interval cycling this morning instead of a walk, so I went to the Hanger and timed myself on my phone. 30secs riding Fast (on the hardest resistance the bike had) and then 30seconds riding slow (reducing the resistance) for 20mins. I then spent 25mins exercising in the pool.
We had breakfast, then Mike chatted to us about our goals.
I then was able to do the first half of the morning activities before I needed to drive mum to get her scans done (see below). We got back to the retreat just in time for dinner. While we were out we had subway for lunch (with strict instructions from Emma with what we could order) and I was proud of myself that I didn't buy any subway cookies!

We found out that mum had a baker's cyst on the back of her knee that burst. She was told that it would take at least 2 days to heal, so she wasn't allowed to do any activities for 2 days. He also gave her Panadine Forte and Voltaren to take to help with the pain.
What a busy 2 days! Hopefully mum will be much better tomorrow.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day!

Day 7: 

Started the day with interval training of cycling and rowing (instead of the walk). I then did a class of water aerobics/ deep water aerobics. (photo is of my view this morning while on the bike)
After breakfast we had a talk with the beautiful Dr. Cris about women's stuff.
Then it was weigh in. I said to myself that if I didnt burn muscle I'll be happy (since I lost 700g muscle last time I was here due to my sugar levels).
When I got on the machine I was pleasantly surprised. I lost 2.7kg in the week. And 2.5kg of that was body fat! (The other 200g was water) I'm very impressed with myself! Following Duncan's plan to not let my heart rate get over 160 worked! 
I'm soooo happy!
We had prawn salad for lunch (OMG it was amazing!!)

Then Mick explained our body scan sheet to us.
I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, since I have a big day at Movie World tomorrow.
For dinner we had mango dessert and a filo pastry thing for dinner (picture above)
Another fabulous day at The Biggest Loser Retreat!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TBLR #2 Day 2&3

I really love this place!!

Monday: The first day of scheduled activity!
The girls got a treat today, cause Mike (resident Commando) took off his shirt to put on a different shirt that was given to him as a gift by one of the guests. (Sorry, I dont have a pic)
I did 2xGreen Bush walk this morning. It took me 58 mins and I burnt 444cal
I then had the privilege of spending an hour with Mike in his 'Commando Pit'. We did an hour of interval training. I LOVE this sort of training, you work hard for a short amount of time, and then rest for equal time.  This style of activity is just like what u do every Monday and Friday night at my gym (minus the sand). The sand was the only thing I didnt like about the pit.
We then went up to the Top Pool for a water activity. In the two activities I burnt 686 calories
I had an easy afternoon as I had a low during the pool activity.
I'm just gonna take each day at a time
Tuesday: I went on my lovely morning walk and burnt 251 calories (I only did 1xGreen walk as my sugars were playing up)
Here are a few pictures
We had a wonderful breakfast of omelet and diced fruit
We then did our morning exercises which started with the Chalet Shuffle, and concluded with deep water running. During those 2 sessions I burnt 594 calories.
Lunch was rice with chick peas in it, with a side of an amazing salad (I know I've just said how much I like a salad)

I then did yoga in the afternoon, I burnt 297 calories. I was shocked to see that I burnt more calories in an hour of Yoga than I did in 35mins of walking in the bush.
We finished off the day with a yummy dinner with spring rolls, with nutty vegetables.

I cant wait for tomorrow!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

TBLR #2 Day 1

So we finally arrived at the retreat.
I was pleasently suprised to see some changes, like the amazing signage around the place
It was lovely to see Andrew, Duncan, Emma and Sariff again. Lots of hugs :-)
The group is quite big this time - setting TBLR record for most guests 44 :-)
I went on the green walk this arvo, which made me feel like I was home (well, second home). Then I had a little swim to cool down before my body scan.
Dinner was AMAZING (as usual).
Sheriff spoke tonight. The thing that stuck with me the most from his talk was: "There are no losers in this world, just people who give up". And another part that stuck with me was 'you dont have to do it all in one go without stopping, it doesnt matter how long it takes you, just get it done' (paraphrased)
There are some lovely people here from a range of ages and sizes. I'm going to enjoy spending the next two weeks here with them.
Daily step count (excluding the pool): 15400
Floors climbed: 63
We can do this, we just need to take one step at a time!!