Saturday, August 3, 2013

You're the Winner

Sometime in May about a month after starting 12WBT,
 I was watching the nightly show of The Biggest Looser TV show & they advertised that they were giving away  a weeks accommodation, flights, meals, personal trainers at the new Biggest Looser Retreat on the Gold coast for 2  valued at $6,000. 

So after sobbing through another episode I completed the application  and filled in  25 words why I should win.
What did I write…I really have no idea… I think it was something about  stoping obesity in my family & I wanted to take my daughter with me…
I really didn't think twice about it  as I am often filling things in online hoping I would win something.

Then in June, I arrived home late from work, around 9.30pm  & decide to check my emails.

My hubby had gone to bed as he gets up at 4am for work.

In my emails was an email saying;

Congratulations, You have been selected as our deserving winner,
I believe you are wishing to take your daughter on the experience. The package includes return airfares to QLD, a weeks accommodation for two, gourmet spa cuisine and daily health & wellness experiences.

 At first I thought great after a long day, a hoax email telling me I have won something…
then I read it again… & again..trying to work out if it was a hoax…
so I printed the email out and left it on the kitchen bench for my hubby to read & went to bed.

I posted  a message on Facebook to family & sent a text message to Jackie saying, “ I think I have just won us a holiday to the New Biggest Looser Retreat”. I still wasn't sure.

In the morning I rang hubby & asked him what he thought …he said  yea you one of ten possible winners…ok so I didn't win..he then said, “ I gave them your phone number didn't they ring you yesterday” I said, “ no,  but their is a number on this email to ring” “I’ll try & ring it today but I’m really busy today”.

Arriving at work I showed the email to my colleagues asking what they thought….I think they were more excited than I was.

Then I rang Channel 10 & asked to speak to Joanne, well what excitement, when I finally asked her did I win & she said yes, yes  we were so touched with what you wrote …hahaha little did she know I had no idea what I wrote ..still not believing I said so its not a hoax…No  No she said “You have won” …wow how my world was about to change…

I message Jackie & said  get ready we have won…
her words were “ wow  mum can you imagine the gym…
well no…. I didn't even think that…..
I thought wow I’ll be able to get a massage,  meals cooked…
I didn't even think of what their gyms would be like  cause I am really not into exercise at all.

Then the reality started to set in of what I had won..OMG they are going to kill me with exercise…
2 month ago I could barely  walk 100 meters without stopping puffing & puffing..
if they exercise like they do on the show I'm going to die….
The Biggest Looser Retreat open their doors at the Gold Coast at the beginning  of July.
 I hadn't heard anything  about my prize other than I would be contacted to select a dates to go.
Jackie & I had the first 2 weeks of July on holidays.. we are both teachers, she went of to Melbourne for  a break & I was cooking up a storm with meal planning from 12WBT & walking. 

Then I got another email asking when we would like to come to the  Retreat …
we have a vacancy for next week if you would like to come then …
well, I would like to wait till I can move a better & have lost a bit more weight cause you guys are gona kill me what I was thinking..

but I didn't say a thing & asked Jackie what she would like to do…
"we need to go now mum.. now" …. so 3 days later we were at The Biggest Looser Retreat on the Gold Coast.

Jackie has posted her experience there, mine post  is coming.

PS I didn’t die Open-mouthed smile

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