Sunday, September 22, 2013

TBLR #2 Day 1

So we finally arrived at the retreat.
I was pleasently suprised to see some changes, like the amazing signage around the place
It was lovely to see Andrew, Duncan, Emma and Sariff again. Lots of hugs :-)
The group is quite big this time - setting TBLR record for most guests 44 :-)
I went on the green walk this arvo, which made me feel like I was home (well, second home). Then I had a little swim to cool down before my body scan.
Dinner was AMAZING (as usual).
Sheriff spoke tonight. The thing that stuck with me the most from his talk was: "There are no losers in this world, just people who give up". And another part that stuck with me was 'you dont have to do it all in one go without stopping, it doesnt matter how long it takes you, just get it done' (paraphrased)
There are some lovely people here from a range of ages and sizes. I'm going to enjoy spending the next two weeks here with them.
Daily step count (excluding the pool): 15400
Floors climbed: 63
We can do this, we just need to take one step at a time!!

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