Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TBLR #2 Day 2&3

I really love this place!!

Monday: The first day of scheduled activity!
The girls got a treat today, cause Mike (resident Commando) took off his shirt to put on a different shirt that was given to him as a gift by one of the guests. (Sorry, I dont have a pic)
I did 2xGreen Bush walk this morning. It took me 58 mins and I burnt 444cal
I then had the privilege of spending an hour with Mike in his 'Commando Pit'. We did an hour of interval training. I LOVE this sort of training, you work hard for a short amount of time, and then rest for equal time.  This style of activity is just like what u do every Monday and Friday night at my gym (minus the sand). The sand was the only thing I didnt like about the pit.
We then went up to the Top Pool for a water activity. In the two activities I burnt 686 calories
I had an easy afternoon as I had a low during the pool activity.
I'm just gonna take each day at a time
Tuesday: I went on my lovely morning walk and burnt 251 calories (I only did 1xGreen walk as my sugars were playing up)
Here are a few pictures
We had a wonderful breakfast of omelet and diced fruit
We then did our morning exercises which started with the Chalet Shuffle, and concluded with deep water running. During those 2 sessions I burnt 594 calories.
Lunch was rice with chick peas in it, with a side of an amazing salad (I know I've just said how much I like a salad)

I then did yoga in the afternoon, I burnt 297 calories. I was shocked to see that I burnt more calories in an hour of Yoga than I did in 35mins of walking in the bush.
We finished off the day with a yummy dinner with spring rolls, with nutty vegetables.

I cant wait for tomorrow!

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