Monday, October 7, 2013

TBLR #2 Week 2


Another awesome day at the retreat. 
This morning I went on 2 green walks, had x-fit style training with Mick in his sand pit and played water polo. All up I burnt 1056cal in those 3 activities. 
I'm already at 15,800 steps and its only 2 o'clock.

Sugar levels are good today, lets hope I can keep them good for the week!
I'm gonna rest for the rest of the day cause my foot is hurting.

For dinner we had a yummy salmon dish with sweet potato salad. Yum! (photo below)


Another great day at TBLR. Started the day with a bush walk (see photo below)
Then we did the Chalet Shuffle, followed by TBL triathlon. We rod, jogged/walked and swam for 10mins for each of the three activities. 
The afternoon I just took it easy cause my foot was throbbing (even on super strong pain killers).
Tomorrow I'm getting a massage (yay)


I woke up really tired!
This morning they had a deep water running class in place of the bush walk (for those who wanted to do it). It was a great way to start the day. And GOSH it tires you out!
We had breakfast and then I went up to the room for a nap (I was exhausted) when I woke up I felt heaps better!! 
I had another workout with Mick, this time in The Hanger (I love The Hanger!!) The workout was intense!!!!
Fist pump moment! My heart rate monitor couldnt read my heart rate because I've lost 2 much weight under my bust so Breanna had to tighten it up for. Yay!

I was really really buggered after Mick's workout!
We then did 30mins of boxing (yay!) I was partnered up with Bree, we had lots of fun, and again I was really tired afterward.
After Lunch mum, Jenny and I went for a walk in the bush  to see how mums knee went. She did good, but she was limping afterward.
I then came back to the room, did a stretch and then had a massage. It was amazing!
No calorie count today since I didnt have my heart rate monitor on for deep water running, and it didnt work for the first 1/3 of Mick's workout.
10881 steps so far (again low due to the pool instead of a bush walk)
Only 2 training days left!


This morning we did training with Seref, it was really good. 
Photos Below: Seref and I (Left) and Mick and I (Right)

We made our own lunch and had a group challenge. We had a map and needed to go to all these different places all over the retreat and do certain activities. While we were walking around the retreat we needed to carry a bucket and a tyre. It was a tough task, but we did it and actually won! 
My foot is really sore after it though!

Photos below: Us and the beautiful Vicki and us with Andrew (Manager)


I did a walk with Nancy this morning, we did 3x Green walks together. (Below: Emma & I (Left) and Nancy and I (Right))
When it came to training, I decided to go with the group who had injuries since my foot was really sore from yesterday's activity. And that was a HUGE MISTAKE. The workout that I was given made my foot worse, and I ended up having a sugar low. 
I had a massage in the afternoon and after dinner I went to another guests room with Vicki for a facial. It was GREAT! An awesome way to spend Friday night after a not-so-good morning.


Weigh In Day!
Mum and I knew how stressful weigh-in day is for Vicki so we decided to wear skeleton onesies to make her smile. When she saw us we said 'look how much weight we've lost'. She couldn't stop laughing.

I left the retreat 5cm lighter than I did when I arrived but I lost quite a few cm
9cm from under my bust
10cm from my waist
4cm from my upper belly
12cm from lower belly
11cm from butt/top of thigh
and 3cm from my arm
My clothes are looser, I'm fitter, and I feel great. Make sure you don't just rely on the number on the scale. MEASURE YOURSELF, it makes a HUGE difference!

I spent the afternoon packing my bags to get ready for my flight home.

I ended up getting home at 11:30 Saturday night.

It was an amazing 2 weeks! Seriously, if you want to lose weight, if you want to be fitter. Come to the retreat. If you can afford it it is soooo much better to come for 2 weeks rather than 1. You won't regret it!

I'll be going back the second week Jan.

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